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Such vulgarity and insensitivity shows a lack of respect for all life forms. What a juvenile attitude he has.

I have always loved Blake Shelton and the way he sings. Congratulation Blake for the passionate music you create and congratulation for the anticipated marriage! Love you and will always support and follow you!

LOVE Blake Shelton's tweets. Hilarious stuff.

While agree with some things PETA says, Blake is hilarious and just himself a new fan. Even if he argues against things I support, like Greenpeace, he deserve support just for being funny.

Mutt Mom- first of all, I hope your name isn't a reflection of what your child looks like...

You would have to get to know Blake to understand the Tweets. Obviously you are new to Blake, or maybe don't even know who he is at all yet, and just needed a place to bitch.

You've done it, now move on to something you might know a little more about, because it certainly isn't BS. Cuz he's full of it, his parents named him well!

You are a piece of work, Mutt Mom. What, are you bitter that Blake blocked you or maybe bitter that he wont talk to you... So, dont follow him then.So, I suppose you have successful hit records and have been on tour all summer with George 'freakin' Strait. Maybe you're just stupid and actually support PETA!

Oh Boo Hoo thanks for your opinion but you know what they say about opinions they are like what you called Blake and we all have one.Blake can do his comedy on stage at his concerts or on twitter his loyal fans love it if you don't than don't go to a show and hit the unfollow button. As a fan the fact that you said that he does nothing right I find very insulting he has me and a lot of my friends good people as fans and I think thats doing something RIGHT!!!

Blake is the difinition of A$$hole. He does nothing right, he is not even entertaining.Even to try stand up comedy, he would fail!

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